Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Bankers Life Fieldhouse Lower Level Corner


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Corner seating options will have a very different feel depending on which section you are seated in. The one constant here is the unique viewing angles which you are not what you commonly see on television broadcasts.

You can find some good views from Sections 3, 7, 14, and 18 (which are closest to center court within this area), however you will want to be in the seats which put you closer to the basket side of the section. Seats closer to midcourt have are not angled at all towards center court, leaving you with a significant, and uncomfortable head turn to follow the game.

Sections 2 and 19 are at the uniquely configured north end of the arena, where the lack of club level seating above creates larger sections and steeper aisles. The upper row seats here almost feel similar to being on a second seating level due to their height above court level.

One of the safest, and best options in the lower level corners is Section 13. The seats are very comfortably angled for an excellent view, provide a head on view of the Pacers bench, and with one of the smaller seating areas (just 15 rows) you can avoid a lengthy walk to the concourse.

Fans sitting in Rows 1-7 for Pacers games will also have access to the upscale Courtside Club lounge which was renovated for the 2016 NBA season.

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