Comerica Park

"Bullpen action"

Seat Review From Section 149, Row H, Seat 18
Sep 2012


Pretty far from home plate. Bring binoculars.

Best for... fans on a budget, Catching a home run

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, you consider yourself "Big and Tall", you do not want a sun burn

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    Jul 2014

    Section 149, Row D, Seat 11

    Sitting in the left field seats gave me an interesting perspective of the game that was decent, but definitely not extraordinary. I would have liked my seats to have a little more elevation so I could more easily see home plate and each individual at bat. I liked that I was very close to the bullpen in front of me and that I was in a great position to potentially get a home run ball, but I hated how I was right in front of the scoreboard. I like to look at players' stats as they come up to bat so it was quite frustrating to have to turn all the way around to see what was on the board. After a few innings, I stopped watching the activities between innings on the big board because I just got too annoyed by having to turn around all the time.

    Visitor Bullpen in Front of Sections 149-150

    • "4 Stars"

      (Section 144) -
    • "Great view of entire field"

      (Section 148) - -

      Great section, great price!

    • "Great seats and the employees at the park were so helpful"

      (Section 147) - -

      Great padded seats that you can space out in.

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