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Seat Review From Section 118, Row 1, Seats 12/13
Jun 2019


Went to see the Cleveland Indians play the Detroit Tigers...we were pumped because we had front row seats...typically these seats are great for viewing the game and also for player interaction...we couldn't have been more wrong...first, the safety net runs from foul pole to no player contact there...i get it, its for safety...but the worst part was the field tarp is stored right in front of sections 119 and if you are short( which I am) or a child, you can't see the field, in fact you can only see the players from about chest up....pretty disappointing since we paid good money and drove 5 hours(one way) to sit in what I would call obstructed view seats....fortunately there were plenty of empty we moved back 6 rows.

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, climbing stairs is difficult

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    Awesome view with few distractions

    Jul 2011

    Section 118, Row 17, Seats 10-14

    Great seats! Could see everything and had several opportunities to catch foul balls or catch a ball thrown from players. Being so close made for no distractions so you can enjoy the game, but were far enough back so that you won't miss a thing! You are sitting looking straight at the huge score board while enjoying the shade!

    • "Awesome seats!"

      (Section 127) - -

      Almost caught 3 foul balls.

    • "Obstructed View"

      (Section 119) - -

      Seats 15 and 16 are on the aisle next to the visitor dugout and would seem to be the perfect seats...until you realize that you cannot see the batter or catcher from the seat. The green padded railing on the dugout blocks the view. While you can see the rest of the infield and outfield just fine, yo...

    • "Good"

      (Section 136) -

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