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Offering little in the way of amenities -- and with a head-on view of the scorching sun -- these seats are often among the cheapest tickets in Comerica Park. Sections 338-340 are your best best for comfortably seeing the main scoreboard. Meanwhile, sections 344-345 are called Skyline seats, despite having some of the worst view of the Detroit skyline (1B-side seats offer the best skyline views).   -

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    • "Upper LF box seats"

      (Section 343) - -

      These a great seats for the price. We had three kids, so getting the first row on the upper level ensured they could see. It's a bit far up, but if you are on a budget, it doesn't get too much better.

    • "Annoying Railing"

      (Section 338) - -

      I was happy to get seats in the 7th row of the upper deck because I always like sitting in this area at ballparks, but this was not an enjoyable experience. There was a railing and glass right in front of me that blocked a lot of the field. Anytime I wanted to look at home plate, I had to stretch as...

    • "5 Star"

      (Section 343) - -

      Great Seats, Very Comfortable and the Ushers were very helpful

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