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Citi Field Upper Promenade Infield Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

You won't find the best views from the upper portion of Citi Field's highest seating deck, but what you can find is a nice cheap ticket for taking in a Mets game. Staying between the corner bases from this height helps to keep you more dialed in to the action due to the proximity to the infield, and line of sight to the center field videoboard.

Most sections feature 17 rows of seating with entry tunnels below the very front row. Coverage is limited, but can be found in the last few rows if you don't mind having the highest seats possible in exchange for some protection from the weather.

There aren't many seating areas at Citi Field which don't have access to a Club area, but these are some of those few which do not.  -

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    • "Shady, Fun Views"

      (Section 506) - -

      I had read that Row 11 is where the coverage starts on the 500 level, and that was spot on. We were in the shade for the majority of the game (until about the 8th inning) for a hot summer day game. Views of the field were surprisingly decent from the seats as we could see every area of the fie...

    • "Convenient But With Lousy Views"

      (Section 515) - -

      My seat was one of 4 directly above the entry tunnel, with aisles available both to the left and right of this 4 seat block. The convenience of being able to get in and out with ease was amazing, but the railing just in front of the seats really limits how much I could enjoy the game. You have t...

    • "Great Value"

      (Section 519) - -

      These seats are a great cheap way to see a ballgame in a beautiful park. But what gets me is the review above mine with the guy complaining about the FREE seats the Mets gave him. They were in the sun??? It's a baseball game you fool. I wish people who complain about everything, even FREE BASEBA...

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