CIBC Theater

"Upper Walkway Blocked"

Seat Review From Dress Circle Right Center, Row G, Seat 232
Oct 2018


Anything higher than about 15 feet is blocked by the overhanging mezzanine level. There wasn't a lot that happened up there that I felt like I missed out on though. That combined with the rows in front of you in the view becomes a narrow sliver in relation to the size of the theater. This seat is sold as an obstructed view, so the price usually reflects these obstructions. Besides anything high up everything else is in clear view.

Also be aware that there is only one way into the Dress Circle level and that is by using a single staircase. There were many elderly people that had difficulty getting to their seats.

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    Hamilton - Jul 27, 2019

    Jul 2019

    Dress Circle Right Center, Row F   Verified Customer

    Limited seeing the top of stage.

    • "Best Seats In House, Easily"

      (Dress Circle Center) - -

      You get what you pay for. Which for this, it is indeed true. We loved it.

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