CIBC Theater

"Limited View Due to the Pole"

Seat Review From Balcony Right Center, Row K, Seat 408
Oct 2018


There is a pole in Row G which is what obstructs the view here. You can see about two-thirds of the stage without any issue. But the other side is more of a challenge.

Besides for the view, the biggest issue is the steepness of the stairs. First, to get to the balcony is a hike up. Then, to access the upper rows of the balcony you must walk down a very steep set of stairs. I helped at least a half dozen older women make it down.

If you have trouble with stairs, seek balcony seats in rows F or lower where stairs are less of an issue.

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    Oct 2019

    Balcony Right Center, Row P, Seat 428

    This theater is terrible, I felt like I’m a mile in the air. This makes the term nose bleed seem insufficient.

    • "Hamilton - Oct 1, 2019"

      (Balcony Left Center) - -

      Balcony Left Center Row D seats were very good. No obstructive view. Could see the entire stage and was not bad looking slightly down on the performers.

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