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The Mezzanine at CIBC theater is the third level of seating. Besides the Orchestra level, these sections have the largest seating capacity when compared to the others. The Mezzanine level is comprised of 4 sections: Left, Left Center, Right Center and Right. Rows go from A to P. As you move further back in the rows, the distance from the stage becomes more noticeable, but never to the point where it is too far away.

Some who sit in the Mezzanine will describe having to lean forward to view the performance, but overall the views here are good. Due to the theater's tight footprint, you are not going to be able to see the crowd sitting on other levels which is good to help avoid any distractions during the performance.

If you are worried about obstructed views, all rows in the Left Center and Right Center are in the clear. All obstructions for the level can be found in the Right and Left Mezzanine sections. As you move closer to the side in these sections, you begin lose sight of the respective side and corner of the stage. There are also blocked views toward the top in rows M-P where the balcony begins to make its way into view.

For seats, the Right and Right Center seat numbers are even while the Left and Left Center numbers are odd. In all sections, the seat numbers rise the further you move away from the center of the theater.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Third row of this section, corner seat allowing easy access to move about, although small chunk of left stage view was cut off by a wall."

      (Mezzanine Left) - -

      This seat was in a fairly decent position, about third row from the balcony ledge, on the left corner of the row, allowing easy access to get up. Crowd was very respectful, although a small chunk of the left stage was unable to be viewed as a wall blocked it off. Majority of the act was done mid-sta...

    • "Great View!!"

      (Mezzanine Right) - -

      Great view of the stage except that you can't see anything from the top right side of the balcony. The rows are very tight and the theater was FREEZING, so I would bring a sweater. Also, the bathroom lines were crazy long during intermission and after the show, so I would advise you to go be...

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