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Orchestra seating at the CIBC theater is the ground floor seating and is on level with the stage. The Orchestra is divided into three seated sections: left, right, and center. The left and right sections of the Orchestra consist of 26 lettered rows, while the center section is made up of 25 lettered rows. Furthermore, this section has five entrance ways so it is easy to get in and out of these seats. This is especially nice during intermission, because if you are seated in the Orchestra section it is easier to get to the restroom before the lines get too long.

The Orchestra section arguably has the best seats at CIBC theater, but it depends on where you sit. Almost every seat in the Orchestra center has a great view of the stage, but the best seating can be found in rows A-V. In row W you will find two support poles and these could cause some obstruction to any rows behind row W.

The Dress Circle overhang covers the back half all three Orchestra sections, and the last few rows of the left and right sections is where you will find the most obstructed views. There is a support pole in the left and right sections both in row U. If you are seated in the left or right sections it is recommended to sit in rows A-U, where the support pole will not be as much of a factor. If you are seated in rows V-ZZZ of the left and right Orchestra sections you will have some of the worst obstructed views in the CIBC Theater.

In the Orchestra center the seats are numbered left to right with 101 being the first seat, and the seat numbers increasing by one as you go down the row. In the Orchestra left all the seats are odd-numbered from right to left with 1 being the first seat, and the seat numbers increasing by every odd number. In the Orchestra right all the seats are even-numbered from left to right with 2 being the first seat, and the seat numbers increasing by every even number.

The Orchestra section at CIBC Theater might have the best seats in the house, but be sure you are sitting in a row that has little or no obstruction.  -

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    • "Not as bad as I thought it would be!"

      (Orchestra Left) - -

      When I got my tickets it said that it was a limited view seat, so I was expecting the worse, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was a pole in my view on the right, but since I was seated in the farthest left seat of the row it wasn't too much of an issue, as there was only a few times when I coul...

    • "Not Great"

      (Orchestra Right) - -

      This seat is obstructed by a pole and an overhang. The over hang blocks the top 15% of the stage and the pole blocks about 20% of the left side of the stage. The seats are also pretty far back and if you have someone tall sitting in front it could potentially block the view. The sound quality was e...

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