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Chicago Theatre Mezzanine Level Seating


Sitting Here for a Concert

The Mezzanine Level at the Chicago Theatre consists of two distinct sections, the Mezzanine Box section and the Mezzanine Booth section. There are 26 box sections labeled A-Z and 15 booth sections labeled F-G.

The 15 Booth sections are directly behind Mezzanine Box sections F-G. The Booth seats are literally a booth with a table that seats 4 people. The Booth sections offer a unique theatre experience as patrons will have an entire table to place their drinks on, while being seated in a booth as opposed to typical theatre seating. The Booth seats are quite desirable as they sit slightly higher than the Mezzanine Box sections and offer a more center view of the stage, as the booths don't go along the sides of the Mezzanine level.

The Mezzanine Box sections go across the entire Mezzanine level with boxes A-F and U-Z offering more of a side view than the other boxes in this section. The box sections have similar seating to the Balcony box seats, but most of these sections have 2 rows of seating with seats bolted to the ground. The box seats offer a great view of the stage, as they hang over the main floor seats, and under the Loge and Balcony seats. The Mezzanine Box seats are very desirable seats as each box has limited number of seats to offer a more intimate seating locale.   - is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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