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Floor Seats For Chesapeake Energy Arena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

In a traditional end stage setup, the floor of Chesapeake Energy Arena will have 9 total seating sections, with sections 1-3 being closest to the stage and running from row A at the front and ending at row Q. Floor sections 4-6 are near the middle of the floor, and also begin with row A at the front but end at row P. At the back of the floor is where you will find sections 7-9, which have as many as 14 lettered rows of seating beginning with row A (section 8 is the smallest with just 4 rows of seats).

When sitting on the floor for a traditional end stage performance, sections 2, 5, and 8 have the most centrally located views, and as the rows here have 14 seats, you would want to be in Seats 7-8 for the most direct view to the center of the stage. The majority of the remaining floor sections also contain 14 seats per row with seat 1 being at the right side of row, so if sitting on the right side of the floor (sections 3, 6, 9) you would have the better views in the higher numbered seats. Conversely, fans on the left side of the floor (sections 1, 4, 7) will want to be in the lower numbered seats.

Not all performances at Chesapeake Energy Arena will feature the standard end stage configuration, so be sure to confirm the exact seating layout for your event. Some shows may have a full general admission floor, consisting of standing room only spots which fill up on a first come first serve basis. Admission gate opening times vary for each performance, however for general admission floor shows we recommend arriving as early as possible to secure the best spots.

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