Carter-Finley Stadium

"Totally empty sections, but no view of the scoreboard!"

Seat Review From Section 324, Row A, Seat 7
Dec 2019


I really liked the privacy I had in these sections - they're standalone sections and had almost no one sitting in them! However, you're sitting right underneath the main scoreboard, and the other scoreboard is basically too small to see from here. I don't think I'd recommend sitting in the 300 sections unless the game was nearly sold out.

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    Entering Sections 319-326

    When entering sections 319-326 at Carter-Finley Stadium you will need to climb up a few stairs to get to the first row of each section.

    • "Wouldn’t sit here again"

      (Section 320) - -

      The view wasn’t great unless the action was happening in the north end zone. Obviously that makes sense but if you’re going to be at one end, choose the end that has a view of a big screen. There was no good view of a screen from here since the big one was behind us and the south end zone screen...

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