Carter-Finley Stadium

"Not a bad view, but sit elsewhere"

Seat Review From Section 15, Row T, Seat 29
Dec 2019


This view was decent, especially considering that it was one of the emptiest sections in the whole stadium. I do prefer having a lot of personal space around me when I'm at a game, so the end sections on the east side of the stadium were perfect for that!

However, I think I would rather just sit closer to the middle in one of the higher rows. Sitting all the way in the end zone isn't ideal, and given that there were plenty of other seats to choose from, I don't think section 15 is my preferred section. Next time, I'll sit closer section 12 in one of the top rows.

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    • "Top, left corner of the east stands"

      (Section 9) - -

      Although we couldn't have been much further from the action, we were surrounded by our Clemson brethren and had a blast. The food and drinks at Carter-Finley was good and priced very well. It was a beautiful setting to cheer on our Tigers.

    • "Nice elevated view, but sit on the lower level if it's cold!"

      (Section 28) - -

      Located just underneath the suite and press box area, I really enjoyed sitting in section 28. We sat exactly at the 50 yard line, so it was easy to follow the action across the entire field. Sitting in the lower rows, it's easy to access the bathroom and concourse, which has a good selection of c...

    • "Front row of upper deck"

      (Section 31) - -

      These seats are great because they are closer to the action, but also a pain because everyone walks in front of you in the pathway. It is difficult to see when a lot of people are walking in front of you.

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