Camp Randall Stadium

Camp Randall Stadium Lower Deck Sideline


Sitting Here for a Football Game

The best seats at Camp Randall Stadium are found along the sidelines in the lower level. The best views are found in Rows 30-50 where you get enough elevation to see both sides of the field, and you have just a short walk to the section tunnel.

If you're seated in Row 55 or higher on the west side of the field, you have a good chance of being covered by the overhang, which will keep you dry in the event of rain or snow. Just be careful - if you sit in one of the top rows, your view may be slightly obstructed by the upper deck overhang. In these rare cases, videoscreens are set up to aid your view.

Sections Q-W are on the sunny side of the field. On warm days and days with plenty of sunshine, you'll want to be sure to apply sunblock and bring a hat and sunglasses.

All seats in the lower level of Camp Randall Stadium are bench-style seats without a back. Many of the seats can be seen with chairbacks that season ticketholders have placed at their seats.  -

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    Nice seats close to the action....They are a little low to the field being at row 15. Row 30 would have been better seats, but these were nice.

  • "Season ticket holder"

    (Section U) - -

    My friends and relatives will never let me give these seats up. Some won't even go to a Badger game if they can't get these seats. is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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