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Cadillac Palace Theatre Orchestra Seating


Sitting Here for a Show

Orchestra seating at the Cadillac Palace theater is the ground floor seating and is on level with the stage. The Orchestra is divided into three seated sections: left, right, and center. The sections of the Orchestra consist of 23 lettered rows. Furthermore, this section has four entrance ways so it is easy to get in and out of these seats. This is especially nice during intermission, because if you are seated in the Orchestra section it is easier to get to the restroom before the lines get too long. There are also no stairs involved in getting to this section, so it is easily accessible for those looking for an easy path to your seat.

The Orchestra section is typically the most expensive seats in the house, and with that comes a great view. However, for guests with a shorter height, theatre-goers sitting in front of you may obstruct your view. Shorter guests may want to consider as aisle seat in ORCH L or ORCH R closest to ORCH C. Having the aisle next to you will keep less heads in front of you as you look at the stage.

The Dress Circle overhang is visible from seats M-X, although the obstruction is very minimal. Sitting in Seats A-L will give you a guaranteed view of the upper 4th part of the stage.

Seats labeled Obstructed View, may be more or less obstructed depending on the set design of the production. Typically Only the back corner of the stage will be obstructed, but checking beforehand if the set protrudes from the sides of the stage can be helpful.

If you're looking for extra leg room the Obstructed View aisle seats far left and right of the stage are perfect.

The Orchestra section at CIBC Theater might have the best seats in the house, but be sure you are sitting in a row that has little or no obstruction.  -

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