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"Good angle & perspective on the game"

Seat Review From Section 139, Row 24, Seat 6
Sep 2015

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    Very good view of entire field

    May 2014

    Section 139, Row 29, Seats 9-15

    Seats are in the shade and view very good. Wish we had aisle seats as we were in middle of row. Food was good, but expensive. Restrooms were very close which we were very happy with. Crowd was excellent. Would definitely choose these seats again, but hopefully get aisle seats.

    • "Loved these seats!!"

      (Section 168) - -

      6:15 game on a very hot and humid Saturday night. Arrived by 5pm and the seats were already in the shade!! A very short walk to the concourse as well as restrooms. Great view down the line to home plate. Picture is panoramic to zoom in and take in the beautiful view!!

    • "First row in the section! Amazing seats!!"

      (Section 166) - -

      These seats are amazing! Only 3 seats in this row plus its front row!! Had such a great time and even got to chat with a couple of visiting players! Would highly recommend these seats!

    • "Comfortable, but far from concessions"

      (Section 160) - -

      These seats offered really nice protection from the sun - especially during a day game in early September. Good choice when there is a threat of rain, too as the seats are fully covered. The view of the field is pretty good. The overhang does get in the way a little bit on popups, but they have T...

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