Busch Stadium

"Padded seats behind the visitor dugout!"

Seat Review From Section 158, Row 18
Jul 2015


I purchased these tickets specifically because they were behind the White Sox dugout. These seats afford you an awesome view of the whole field and especially the infield. You're about in line with third base and have a perfect view of the batter/pitcher exchange along with the right field scoreboard.

For visiting team fans, this is where you want to be. This section and the adjacent sections had a bunch of fellow Sox fans to cheer with, and the Cardinals fans were always respectable and friendly.

It's rare to find a padded seat in an outdoor stadium unless it's on the club level or the seats are covered, so this was a nice treat and made the game more comfortable.

Overall, great seats for any fan who really enjoys the game of baseball. Just wish the food on this level was better! Probably the most disappointing food options in any baseball stadium I've visited thus far.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, being close to the action, impressing a guest, fans of the oppposing team, Catching a foul ball

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    Awesome Seats For Visiting Fans

    May 2018

    Section 158, Row B

    Rows A and B are directly next to the visitor dugout - to the point where you can rest your arm on the dugout. This area is crazy-crowded before the game because the players are warming up right here and fans are seeking autographs and souvenirs. But about 10 minutes before first pitch the usher kicks everyone out. During the game the players use the stairs right in front of you between each inning. You'll be five feet from your favorite players a lot. One new thing for 2018: the net has extended to reach all the way to the end of the dugout. This is good and bad. First, it's kind of annoying to look through the netting to home plate. But, section 158 is the first section where there is no net to the field. So the players throw balls in the section all the time. If you are sitting in the first five rows of 158 or 159 and have a kid, he/she is almost guaranteed to get a ball. One thing I wasn't expecting was to get access to the Third Base Lounge. This is one section over and includes a bar and restroom. It was actually pretty difficult to get to from our seats because you had to cross over a section which is impossible to do when the game is going on. But it might be a nice perk to fans who wish to grab a refreshment or cool down.

    Wonderful Cubs-Cardinals seats I found for a great price!

    Jun 2018

    Section 158, Row 2, Seats 7-8

    -11 rows from the field -9 rows from the back of the visitor's dugout -Cushioned seat bottoms -Plenty of legroom -Behind netting -Completely in the shade by at least 6pm

    Row A is the first row behind the visitor's dugout in Sections 156-158.

    Front of sections 142-158 are behind the netting

    There is some amount of netting or screening in front of sections 142-158. The height and coverage of netting or screening will vary by section.

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      Loved the seats, very good night. Would love to sit there again

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