Busch Stadium

"Good angle down the line"

Seat Review From Section 167, Row 29, Seat 10
Sep 2014


Some things that I liked about these seats included the full cover and shade and the good angle to the field. The height of the seats was also very good for seeing everything.

Didn't like the walk up to Row 29 though, and this far down the line there is no arch view. But if you can live without that and want to be in the shade, these are very good.

Best for... being in the shade

Avoid if... climbing stairs is difficult

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    Padded seats, great view, only seats in row!!

    Jul 2019

    Section 167, Row J, Seats 1,2

    These seats were great! These were the only seats in the row and they were padded with cup holders! Great view of the field and foul line. This section has access to a private climate controlled bar and grill! Highly reccomend these seats to anyone!

    • "Good"

      (Section 162) - -


    • "Fair or foul? You decide"

      (Section 131) - -

      Directly down the right field line just four rows from the field. You actually can't see the pitcher from this specific seat, which will drive you mad. Cool experience at field level but that foul pole really is annoying in the lower rows.

    • "Really convenient for a person with bad knees."

      (Section 134) - -

      They are folding chairs and are comfortable, but would like some padding. I usually bring a pillow for my back.

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