Busch Stadium

"Great Seats with Redbird Club Access"

Seat Review From Section 247, Row 10, Seat 17
Jun 2018


These are great seats: shaded during a Day game with a big overhead fan to help cool down. Great view of field, behind 1st base line. Seats are padded. Seats are a few steps away from the air-conditioned Redbird Club, which have exclusive access from these sections. You can grab a drink or meal, eat in air-conditioned comfort, and watch the game on TV. Access to Redbird Club sections is via private escalators or elevator. Highly recommended for families.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, being close to the action, impressing a guest

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    Amazing Experience

    Sep 2019

    Section 247, Row 10, Seats 11-14

    Perfect for any game but especially for an afternoon game....sun is behind you. Ceiling fans above you keep the air flow going. Comfortable seats with good leg room and easy to see over people in the next row down. View is unbelievable- - behind home plate. You have access to the Red Bird Club which is air conditioned and a variety of food and drinks. Totally amazing experience for our family! Wish I’d taken a picture.

    Favorite Seats: section 247 row 7 seats 5,6

    Section 247, Row 7, Seats 5,6

    • "Great view of the game, overpriced "

      (Section 255) - -

      Too expensive for just a good view and a/c. There are great views all around Busch. If you’re going to spend $100+ on food/drinks anyway, there are much more affordable tickets with a great view.

    • "Good seats overall"

      (Section 252) - -

      Nice seats but kinda warm not any air movement, and for the price of 137 not worth the value.

    • "Great seats "

      (Section 251) -

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