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"Really convenient for a person with bad knees."

Seat Review From Section 134, Row WC, Seats 7,8
Aug 2014


They are folding chairs and are comfortable, but would like some padding. I usually bring a pillow for my back.

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    Atlanta Braves at St. Louis Cardinals - May 26, 2019

    May 2019

    Section 134, Row 14   Verified Customer

    The angle of the view to home plate from these seats is not very good. Seeing past others' heads is difficult. Had other seats the previous two evenings in Sections 153 and 351 and were able to see much better there than in these seats.

    • "Amazing"

      (Section 164) - -

      Great fans in St. Louis! Atmosphere was a blast and the ball park is outstanding. Our seats were unbelievable!

    • "Very good view of entire field"

      (Section 139) - -

      Seats are in the shade and view very good. Wish we had aisle seats as we were in middle of row. Food was good, but expensive. Restrooms were very close which we were very happy with. Crowd was excellent. Would definitely choose these seats again, but hopefully get aisle seats.

    • "Fair or foul? You decide"

      (Section 131) - -

      Directly down the right field line just four rows from the field. You actually can't see the pitcher from this specific seat, which will drive you mad. Cool experience at field level but that foul pole really is annoying in the lower rows.

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