Busch Stadium

"Nice view but a bit overpriced for the game"

Seat Review From Section 257, Row 1, Seat 17
Aug 2017


Best for... watching the game, fans of the oppposing team, being in the shade

Avoid if... you are bringing the family, climbing stairs is difficult

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    Beautiful First Row Redbird Club Seats

    Sep 2014

    Section 257, Row 1, Seat 5

    I have a pretty strict rule about not buying the first row unless it's at field level. But I wanted to see the perspective from Row 1 in the Redbird Club to see how bad it was. In the non-club seats down the line and in the upper decks, the railing is really obstructive. But that was far from the case here. Leaning back, sitting comfortably in my chair, I could see the entire field without any railing obstruction what-so-ever. This was an absolutely wonderful surprise! What a beautiful view of the infield. And the seats themselves were some of the biggest seats I've ever sat in. Padded bottom and in the first row you can rest your feet at the base of the railing for more legroom. Lots of people in the Redbird Club on this hot day game. Club is air-conditioned and has a lot of TVs. The cheesesteak combo I bought was delicious and not messy at all. This was about my 5th cheesesteak from a different stadium this season and the first one that didn't require a trees-worth of napkins. The only complaint some people might have is that the first row is heavily exposed to the sun. So for a day game, I would choose to find covered seating. But for a night game, the sun will set behind you, and you'll have a phenomenal and comfortable view.

    Great view and amenities, but LOUD (bring ear plugs)

    Aug 2017

    Section 257, Row WC, Seats 1-3

    This is the wheelchair section at the top of section 257 in the Red Bird Club. The view from 3rd base side is great and undercover. Clubhouse amenities plentiful (big indoor space but expensive food). However, the speakers are almost at eye level and sound reverberates. Deafening frankly. Asked usher about ear plugs. He was able to find some!!!

    Redbird Club Front Row

    Oct 2016

    Section 257, Row 1, Seat 18

    It's tough to beat this spot for a Cards game. Weather was threatening for a while, but we really weren't concerned because we knew we could escape to the indoor lounge at a moment's notice. Never-the-less, the weather held up fine and we enjoyed a nice night with a big group. I like being in the first row because the view is excellent, but it did make me nervous having young kids. You really do have to keep an eye on them, and you may be better off choosing seats a couple rows up for the peace of mind.

    • "Amazing Experience "

      (Section 247) - -

      Perfect for any game but especially for an afternoon game....sun is behind you. Ceiling fans above you keep the air flow going. Comfortable seats with good leg room and easy to see over people in the next row down. View is unbelievable- - behind home plate. You have access to the Red Bird Club which...

    • "Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals - Apr 26, 2019"

      (Section 245) -
    • "Absolutely perfect!"

      (Section 250) - -

      This is as beautiful as it gets. The height to the field is ideal, right behind homeplate. Great view of the arch. Huge padded seats with extra legroom. Access to the air-conditioned Redbird Club with great concessions. These seats are awesome!

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