Busch Stadium

"Highly underrated"

Seat Review From Section 363, Row 4
Jul 2016


Good luck finding another ballpark that offers these kind of views this deep down the line.

This row was even shaded at 3:30 in the heat of July. I would sit here again in an instant. You feel so close to the field from back here!

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    NLCS: Washington Nationals at St. Louis Cardinals - Oct 11, 2019

    Oct 2019

    Section 363, Row 2   Verified Customer

    • "Well worth the price"

      (Section 340) - -

      Don't be discouraged by being in the outfield in the 300s. These seats give beautiful site lines from a much lower height than you'd think. Only thing missing is views from the arch.

    • "Atlanta Braves at St. Louis Cardinals - May 25, 2019"

      (Section 361) -
    • "Only if you must"

      (Section 372) - -

      Reasons to sit here: they're probably cheap Reasons not to sit here: too many to list The seats are blazing hot. There's a reason the kid next to me has an umbrella open on a clear day. Also, much of the outfield is cut off. I know Matt Holliday is down there somewhere, I just can't see him. ...

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