Busch Stadium

"Shaded and Angled"

Seat Review From Section 361, Row 14
Jul 2016


Top row of one of the farthest sections? Sounds terrible, but it's not so bad.

This is the first of the sections that is angled towards home plate. This made for a more comfortable view. Adding to the comfort is that these seats are fully shaded and covered and even had a nice little breeze.

If you're lucky enough to get an aisle seat, it's just a couple steps down to the men's room and beer.

A bit of a hidden gem sitting here.

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    Atlanta Braves at St. Louis Cardinals - May 25, 2019

    May 2019

    Section 361, Row 3   Verified Customer

    • "Highly underrated"

      (Section 363) - -

      Good luck finding another ballpark that offers these kind of views this deep down the line. This row was even shaded at 3:30 in the heat of July. I would sit here again in an instant. You feel so close to the field from back here!

    • "Only if you must"

      (Section 372) - -

      Reasons to sit here: they're probably cheap Reasons not to sit here: too many to list The seats are blazing hot. There's a reason the kid next to me has an umbrella open on a clear day. Also, much of the outfield is cut off. I know Matt Holliday is down there somewhere, I just can't see him. ...

    • "NLCS: Washington Nationals at St. Louis Cardinals - Oct 11, 2019"

      (Section 363) -

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