Busch Stadium

"Lots going on near these seats"

Seat Review From Section 195, Row 23, Seat 23
Jul 2016


It looks like they added a few rows of bleachers at the back of 195. This row is part of them. Pretty much as far away in LF as you can get, without being in the rooftop, which is across the street right behind this.

I actually really liked the panoramic view of the infield and being right next to the Eighteen76 bar is convenient. On the flip side, you're not totally immersed with the crowd and the game, and it's tough to see some deep fly balls.

For cheap seats, you could do worse.

Best for... fans on a budget, partying/socializing

Avoid if... you do not want a sun burn

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    First row in the outfield! Up close to the field!!

    Jul 2019

    Section 195, Row 1, Seats 4,5

    Good outfield seats! Good view also. Would reccomend bringing a seat cushion as the outfield seats are bleachers. Only thing was no cup holders but other than that good seats!

    • "Right Above the Cards Bullpen!!"

      (Section 109) - -

      Awesome seats out in right field. The Cardinals bullpen is right in front of you, the left fielder stands about 40 feet away and you have a clear view of the field. Only things not to like is that they are hot!! Like really hot. You also have to turn around to see the scoreboard. Also, bleacher s...

    • "Rude people "

      (Section 107) - -

      The seats are uncomfortable, but the worst part was sitting by an older gentleman who would constantly sit down on my leg and then try to shove me over. I was in my seat but he wanted his seat and mine too. I spent too much money to have 1/2 a seat.

    • "Great"

      (Section 105) -

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