Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium U1 Level Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

At the very back of the lowest level of seating along the sidelines is the U1 Level. This area is one of the most desirable locations because there is an overhang that protects these sections from precipitation and keeps them mostly shaded.

Even though they are in the back of the lower level, they are still very good for watching the game and all seats in these sections will have a chairback. These seats have a very nice elevated view of the action, especially those sections that are clustered around the 50 yard line behind the visitor sideline. These seats are desirable because it can get very hot during game time and being in the shade is a very nice luxury to have.

Each section has only 7 numbered rows each, making it easy to get in and out without too much of a walk.  -

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