Bridgestone Arena

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Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

There are multiple levels of suites at Bridgestone Arena. The lower level suites are given an \"S\" designation and are located right above the 100 level sections. Suites 6-8 and 28-31 will be the closest to center ice. When looking at the map, S1 will be above section 107 and the numbers will increase going clockwise to S36 behind section 114.

The Acura Level suites are given a \"C\" designation and are located above the 200 level sections. Suites C6, C25, and C26 are located closest to center ice. Suite C1 is located behind section 212 and the suite numbers increase clockwise ending at C42 located behind section 111.

All suites are private locations that are great for socializing and watching the game.  -

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