Bridgestone Arena

Bridgestone Arena Club Level Side Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

The club seating at Bridgestone Arena is really nice for fans that want a great view of the game while not being on top of the action. These sections are very small with only 4 rows of seating (with row D being the first row) which makes it easy to get in and out. While all of these sections run along the sidelines, sections 209, 210, 215, and 216 are the perfect seats to be close to center court.

Since these locations are smaller and raised above the 100 level there is nothing to get in the way of your view while sitting here. The elevation also puts you at about the same level as the jumbotron located above center court giving you a convenient look at the score, replays, or anything else being displayed at the arena.  -

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