Bridgestone Arena

"Not Bad For Upper Level Side View"

Seat Review From Section 323, Row D, Seat 6
Feb 2014


Section 323 was as far over as they were selling tickets on the side. In fact, for an end-stage concert, Bridgestone Arena is pretty awesome about not allowing people to get duped into a partial/limited view. All of the sections that could end up with a really bad view were empty. And you couldn't even sit behind the stage, as that was blocked off.

So this was about as far to the side as you're going to get, and the view is pretty good. The performers do move out to the front of the stage quite a bit, so you are looking at their back a lot. But for some of the cheaper seats, you still get a nice birds-eye view of what's going on.

Compared to head-on seats (like Section 301), you can't see the screens, but you're a lot, lot closer to the stage.

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    • "Great view of the stage in section 326, Row D "

      (Section 326) - -

      Great view of the stage, feels much closer than the pictures look. Better view than seats straight back at the end of Arena based on our previous experience at Bridgestone. Row D had easy access to the stairs and lobby area. No obstructions in front of the seats. Perfect location for the price. ...

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