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Sitting Here for a Concert

Upper level side sections 311 and 324 are among the most under-rated end stage concert seats at Bridgestone Arena. With pricetags at a fraction of lower level tickets, the front rows (A-B) in these two sections provide excellent value, with views that feel similar to those found on the Club level. An additional bonus in section 311 is the small seating layout (just 2 rows of seating) making for a more comfortable atmosphere.

While you might be able to get closer to an end stage performance in sections 312 and 323, most of the views here look at the side of the stage, making it difficult to see the front of the action. Whenever possible, avoid the lower numbered seats in section 312 and the higher numbered seats in 323 as these will have the most difficult viewing angles.

As you move farther from the stage (sections 308-309 and 326-327) and into higher rows, you do begin to notice that you are in the upper level. We recommend paying a little bit extra to be in a lower row and closer towards the south end of the arena for a good value at a traditional end stage show.  -

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    • "Not Bad For Upper Level Side View"

      (Section 323) - -

      Section 323 was as far over as they were selling tickets on the side. In fact, for an end-stage concert, Bridgestone Arena is pretty awesome about not allowing people to get duped into a partial/limited view. All of the sections that could end up with a really bad view were empty. And you couldn't e...

    • "Great view of the stage in section 326, Row D "

      (Section 326) - -

      Great view of the stage, feels much closer than the pictures look. Better view than seats straight back at the end of Arena based on our previous experience at Bridgestone. Row D had easy access to the stairs and lobby area. No obstructions in front of the seats. Perfect location for the price. ...

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