Bradley Center

"People walking past!"

Seat Review From Section 226, Row BBB
Jan 2013


The major complaint with these seats is people are continually walking past in the row to get to the bar. This happens the entire game! The view is also very limited. It is very difficult to see down court. The only positive is you are directly behind the visitors bench. I would not recommend these seats if you are really trying to watch the game. Way too distracting having so many people walking past and the limited view.

Best for... visiting team fans

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, you're bringing the family, you consider yourself "Big" and "Tall"

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Good View of Court + Access to Time Warner Club

Jan 2012

Section 226, Row T, Seats 3-4

These seats were located behind the visiting bench about 20 rows up and slightly angled behind the backboard. Despite being behind the backboard, you can see the entire court clearly without straining your neck. This row (row T) is right at the tunnel for bathrooms and concessions so you don't have to walk up or down a bunch of stairs. The food was pretty standard, though the beer selection (variety) is better than most. The seats were narrow and the leg room was pretty pathetic. We were only a couple seats from the aisle, and I can't imagine being in seat 7 or 8 and having to walk over a bunch of people to get food or go to the restroom. Though, once in the men's restroom, I can't imagine waiting long. There were plenty of available "spaces". Note, seat 1 in this section is away from center court and the aisle seat toward center court was seat 14.

Good view, tight space

Feb 2012

Section 226, Row T, Seats 3-4

Definitely worth the amt paid, but probably not face value. Great view but really tight space. Limited leg room and actual seat felt pretty small and I'm a petite girl. Plus, the large man sitting next to me didn't help the situation. These seats had a pretty sweet ledge right behind us to put our food on. It felt more like a college ball game than nba..might have been because it was the bucks/pistons though.

Great view

Jan 2016

Section 226, Row N, Seat 5

Awesome view behind the visitors bench!!


Dec 2016

Section 226, Row T

  • "Thank you for the gifted tickets received"

    (Section 201) -
  • "Decent but not going to amaze you"

    (Section 202) - -

    We sat in row Z (the last one) of 202 (Lower Level Side behind Bucks bench. I got a good deal on these and it was a fair view of the whole court. It does seem fairly far from the action. If its a game you want to see and the price is right these are good tickets. If your looking for a great view...