Bradley Center

Bradley Center Lower Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Corner sections can be a good place to find value on the Bradley Center's lower level, as long as you find yourself with a good combination of viewing height and seating angle to the floor. We recommend avoiding Sections 203, 211, 217, and 225 as the the seats sit beyond the baselines and have you facing directly across the arena rather than pointed towards the middle of the court.

Instead, opt for seats in the upper rows of Sections 204, 210, 218, and 224. The lower rows have a shallower angle to the court often creating difficult views, while the overall sight lines to the game get much better the closer you are to the entry tunnel (near the top of the sections). Seats here also have a very comfortable seating angle which have you better positioned facing more towards center court.  -

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Good Seats if You Like the Band"

    (Section 218) - -

    We originally sat in section 217, but moved to these seats because the angle to the court is much better in section 218. If you like music, the Bucks band was set up right below these seats.

  • "Awful Angle to the Court"

    (Section 217) - -

    Our seats were in Row B, which is the second row in this section. One section to your right (closer to the court), this would be about the 5th row. These seats are behind the basket as well, so you're actually not as close to the court as you might think you are going to be. Additionally, the angle ...