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300 level seats
Many of the 300 level seats along the south sideline are outfitted with additional padding.
300 level north side
Looking into the 300 level sections on the north side of the stadium. These seats on the visitor side of the field are traditional bench-style seats.
north sideline
Like the south side of the stadium, the north side includes 100, 200 and 300 level sections. The 500s and the suite level are located at the top of the stadium.

About These Seats

300 Level Sideline seats offer fans the best place to find cheap Oklahoma State football tickets with a viewing angle between the endzones. The best seats in this area will be found in Sections 305 and 306, where fans will be treated to a 50 yard line view and a chairback seat.

Student seating is found in Sections 328-330 on the north sideline, and Visitor sections are located in 301 and 334. Sections in this location contain 30 numbered rows of seating with entry tunnels located at the front of each section.

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