Bon Secours Wellness Arena

Upper Side Seating at Bon Secours Wellness Arena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

200 level sideline sections at BSWA are a great alternative to lower level seats. While you won't be seated at floor level, you'll save money on tickets and still get a quality view of the show.

We highly recommend purchasing tickets in either row A or B, which are at the front of each section. These two rows are below the entry tunnel so won't have to climb the stairs. These seats are also ideal for those who do - and do not - like to stand. For those who do like to stand, there aren't a lot of people behind you to get upset. And for those who don't like to stand, there is a smaller likelihood if people standing in front of you in these rows.  -

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  • "Good seats. More leg room then expected!"

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