Beacon Theatre

"Occasionaly Great Sight Lines ;-)"

Seat Review From Lower Balcony 4, Row D, Seat 34
Nov 2016


Other than the fact that a man with the largest head this side of a T Rex, sat down in front of us, and wagged that fossil back and forth all night, our seats were terrific. Under normal circumstances, these are great seats.

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Good sight lines

Oct 2017

Lower Balcony 4, Row B , Seats 26-28

  • "Large railing and light fixture in view."

    (Lower Balcony 5) - -

    These seats were overall bad. They are the farthest seats to the left on the lower balcony. In front of you is a railing that is too high to see over if you are sitting back in your seat. On the other side of the rail is a large drop off with an emergency only exit below. Above the exit doors is a s... is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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