BB&T Field

BB&T Field Sideline Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

The corners are usually home to the lowest priced options for a Wake Forest football game. This is because they provide much less desirable views when compared to the sideline sections. Due to the curve of the stadium, the first row of the corner sections do not start at A. Instead sections 2,9,12, and 19 will start at Row F and sections 1,10,11, and 20 will start at Row L.

Students and the marching band will be found throughout sections 19 and 20 while visiting fans are designated to sections 11 and 12. Families on a budget looking to attend a game should look at seats in sections 9 and 10. These are located close to the Deacon Hill where there is space behind with vendors and the occasional areas for kids.  -

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