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Technically on the lower seating level, the middle tier sections sit just beyond the lowest tier offering a great viewing height and excellent overall views especially in the sections closest to center court.

Each Middle Level Center section features just 6 rows of seating, starting with Row 4 at the very front and ending at Row 9 in back. The small seating areas, close proximity to entry tunnels, and mid court viewing angles make these seats a fantastic option for die hard fans who want to spend the most time watching the game, and the least amount of time making trips to and from the seats.

If you have the option, we recommend Sections 123-125 over those on the opposite side as you'll have a head on view of the players on the team benches, rather than just being able to see their names and numbers on the back of the jerseys.

Season ticket holders who opted-in to the All-Access Pass feature along with their Middle Level Center season seat purchase will receive complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverage at select BK Taste concession stands. Not all tickets here are guaranteed to have this premium benefit, so we recommend carefully reviewing the seller notes portion of the ticket listing before purchasing.  -

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