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Floor seating at the Barclays consists of nine sections for a traditional end stage performance, with sections 1-3 located closest to the stage, sections 4-6 near the middle the arena, and sections 7-9 at the very back of the floor.

You will find some of the most impressive views and highest energy when sitting close to a traditional end stage in either floor section 1, 2, or 3. Seating here typically begins with row 1 at the front and ends at row 15 in the back. For the best center stage views, opt for seat numbers 7-8 in floor section 2 which gives you a direct line of sight to the center of the performance during an end stage configuration. Similarly, you can find head on views from seats 7-8 in floor sections 5 and 8 as these also typically feature 14 seats per row.

If you find yourself searching on the sides of the floor for an end stage layout, you will want to be aware of the seat numbers in order to have the best views. On the right side of the floor, sections 1, 4, and 7 have 14 seats per row, with seat 1 being on the aisle at the right side of the row and seat 14 being on the aisle closer to the center of the stage. Sections on the left side of the floor (3, 6, and 7) also typically have 14 seats per row, however its the lower numbered seats here keep you closer to center.

As floor seating does not have elevation between rows, you will want to avoid sitting too far back where it becomes more difficult to see over taller fans in front. If you can find tickets in the first row of floor section 5 for a traditional end stage show, these seats will be an excellent option as the aisle just in front of the section provides some separation from the fans sitting in floor section 2 just in front.

Not all performances at the Barclays Center are configured with the traditional end stage setup, and you might find some events which have a shortened floor section 8 due to a mixing booth located just behind. Floor layout can vary significantly from show to show, along with the potential for a full general admission standing room only section, so we recommend researching your event setup specifically when looking for tickets.  -

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