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Floor Seats For BB&T Center Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

For a traditional end stage performance, the floor at BB&T Center gets divided into 10 sections, with floor sections 1 and 2 being located closest to the stage and offering the highest energy and most impressive proximity to the show. However if you want to be as close to the middle of the action, opt for the higher numbered seats in section 1 where seat 22 is on the center aisle, or the lower numbered seats in floor section 2 where seat 1 is on the center aisle.

Closer to the middle of the floor, sections 3-5 still provide very good views for traditional end stage shows, with the best chance of having a head on view coming when seated in section 4 (seats 7-8 put you directly in line with center here, and the same can be said for floor section 7 just behind). If you can find tickets for seats 7-8 in the front row (A) of floor section 4 during a traditional end stage show, you will have an absolute gem of a view down the center aisle which separates floor sections 1 and 2.

If you were not able to score tickets in floor sections 1 or 2 and find yourself searching on the sides of the floor for an end stage performance, which seat number you end up with can have a big impact on your view. On the right side of the floor (sections 3, 6, 10) the higher numbered seats get you closer to the stage (seat 14 typically on the center-most aisle), while the lower numbered seats are the better option on the left side of the floor (sections 5, 8, 10).

The views from floor sections 9 and 10 begin to get very distant for a traditional end stage layout, and as there is no elevation between seating rows on the floor, it can often be difficult to see over taller fans in front. We recommend opting to spend a bit more for a closer floor section ticket.

It is important to note that not all shows at the BB&T Center feature the traditional end stage layout, and it may be possible to find a setup where floor section 3 runs as close as the front of the stage, or the entire floor is converted into a single general admission standing room only section. Configurations vary from performer to performer, so we recommend viewing the specific seating chart for your event before purchasing your tickets.  -

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