Oracle Park

"Great View!"

Seat Review From Section 311, Row 11, Seats 15,16
Oct 2014


These seats are in line with the the third base foul line and offer a wonderful view of the field and the gorgeous bay behind the stadium.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, partying/socializing, impressing a guest, fans of the oppposing team

Avoid if... climbing stairs is difficult

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    Good for such a high location

    Feb 2011

    Section 311, Row C, Seat 5

    I don't normally sit in the upper deck, but these seats were good for such a high location. First, this seat belongs to a season ticket holder with a PSL. Second, the holder and their group of relatives/friends are great hosts. I was so happy to sit with people who act like family. Third, you are sitting right in front of a wall, so there is no one you are standing up in front of, if you rise from your seat. Behind the wall and up is a wheelchair access section. On a bad note, it is hard to hear the PA announcer because the wall blocks the sound, and if the people above you are eating sunflower seeds, you have to kindly ask them not to spit shells on you.

    Perfect view Of the field. Stunning view of the bay

    Jul 2013

    Section 311, Row 9, Seats 11-17

    • "Great Event"

      (Section 310) - -

      Excellent view of the park, and you can take in all the action of the players, fans and even the boaters that visit the park while the game is on ... great day.

    • "Best View of Game and Vistas"

      (Section 307) - -

      In general, RF view seats at ATT park are better than those of the left field (view, access, intimacy)/ Row 3 of a 3 row section, right above 1B. In these VB (View Box) sections the first two rows have a railing to contend with in that the top of it crosses the view of fair territory. From the thir...

    • "View Reserved Home Plate"

      (Section 315) - -

      These were terrific seats behind home plate in the View Reserved Section. Great view of the game, and of the whole park. The views of the Coca Cola Bottle and Mitt with the beauty of the Bay Bridge in the background, breathtaking. The view of the action from behind the cameras is really good. Th...

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