AT&T Center

"Good Free Throw Line View"

Seat Review From Section 108, Row 33, Seat 6
Apr 2014


These seats were at about the free throw line. You're in the Lower Level, but being in Row 33 is pretty far back so you don't really feel that close to the court. Never-the-less you get a pretty good view of the whole court and the elevation makes it easy to see everything without continuously turning your head.

There is a railing in front of these seats that does not block your view. However, legroom in these seats was a bit tighter than everywhere else it seemed. Might want to go up a row or two if you're on the tall side.

The seats themselves are padded and pretty comfortable for stadium seats.

Overall, real solid seats to take in a basketball game!

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, impressing a guest

Avoid if... you consider yourself "Big" and "Tall"

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  • "Great View and Convenience"

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    These seats were right above a scorer's table, so they have to be good, right!? You're ever-so-slightly in the corner, but the view isn't compromised all that much. You walk up a couple stairs to get to these seats, and the added elevation actually makes the view better I think. Seat 1 was on th...

  • "Baseline extended at the top of the 100 level"

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    At Row 34 I was sitting at the very top of the 100 level which was further and higher than the lower levels I have sat in at other NBA venues. The high elevation provided great views to all areas of the court, but this seat was in the perfect position to block any view of the visiting team bench lo...

  • "Bad Seats"

    (Section 121) - -

    The people in front of us were season ticket holders, and were all 6'7" and taller. We couldn't see the entire game, so we ended up standing by the entrance to the section. Terrible seats. Never buy these seats. is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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