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Sitting Here for a Concert

The floor of the AT&T Center consists of eight sections for a traditional end stage performance, with floor sections 1-2 being located closest to the stage, floor sections 3-5 near the middle of the arena, and floor sections 6-8 at the very back.

Some of the best seats will be found in the first few rows of floor sections 1 and 2 for a typical end stage layout, thanks to the close proximity to the action. These sections generally have 13 rows of seating, and 22 seats in each row. If sitting in floor section 1, you will want to be in the lower numbered seats as these get you closer to the middle aisle and the center of the stage. In floor section 2 however, the higher numbered seats are the place to be for staying close to center.

Floor section 4 offers excellent head on viewing angles from just about any seat in the typical 16 rows for an end stage configuration, but the very best will be in the center seats, numbers 7-8. The same can be said for floor section 7 just behind, which also has 14 seats where seat numbers 7-8 get you the best alignment with the center of the show.

If you are looking in either floor section 3 or floor section 6, be sure to search for the lowest seat number possible as this will keep you closer to the middle of the floor. Conversely, the higher numbered seats will be the better option if you are searching for seats in floor sections 5 or 8.

Not all performances at the AT&T Center will feature the traditional end stage layout, and you may find that some events might even have a single general admission standing room only section across the entire floor area.  -

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    • "Jojo Siwa - Sep 14, 2019"

      (Floor 1) - -

      awesome seats !!!!!!

    • "Miley Cyrus Was The Best!!!"

      (Floor 3) - -

      These seats were amazing, at first I was a bit hesitant but the quality of these seats are to die for! I paid $600 for two tickets, and I did not regret it at all!

    • "Good"

      (Floor 6) -

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