State Farm Center

"Waste of Money"

Seat Review From Section 136
Jan 2019


I wanted to buy my husband a Christmas gift he would love. Instead, I feel as though I threw $350 in the toilet and watched it go down. You can get a better view in slightly smaller seats for 1/3 of the cost. I basically paid for an extra hot stand, bathroom, and a fat boy chair. Not at all the kind of experience I desired for my husband.
In addition, it says you get programs access, but that is false. You must upgrade to the Traditions Club if you wish to get in before others. We also got sent to the wrong place 4 times because nobody seemed to know what they were talking about. Two of these times it was outside in the freezing cold and they wouldn't let us in the gate, we were told to go because our so-called Premium seats were not good enough for that gate.

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