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While the upper deck at Arrowhead is known for its incredible steepness, the lower bowl does not share the same slope. As a result, the best seats are usually found in the back rows as opposed to closer to the field. You won't be immersed in the atmosphere of being just a few feet away from the players, but you will have better views of the entire field.

Chiefs fans will find plenty of friendly faces in and around sections 116-122 behind the home team sideline. And fans seated in rows 30 and above will be among the first to get shade on the lower level.

These sections have roughly 38 rows of seats with the entrance located at the top of each section.

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  • Section 135, Row 7
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    December 18 - Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs
  • Section 103, Row 7
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    December 25 - Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs
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