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Arrowhead Stadium Great Views of the Field

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at Arrowhead Stadium

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Among NFL venues, Arrowhead Stadium is unique in that its seating bowls wrap around the entire stadium on all three levels (one exception is the 200 level where Suites take place of common seating). This closed-bowl design makes Arrowhead one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL - and also one of the most predictable when it comes to finding a great view.

Because of the uniformity of the stadium, the best views for a Chiefs game are found exclusively near the 50 yardline on each level of the stadium.

Best Rows on the Lower Level

On the lower level - also known as the 100 level - sections 117-121 on the Chiefs side of the field and 101-103 and 135-136 on the visitor side of the field are closest to midfield. When looking at tickets in these sections, it may be tempting to choose the lowest possible row to sit near the players. While this may provide an incredible experience, those same players will be difficult to see over.

For the best overall views, we recommend tickets in rows 22-35. These rows are well-situated above the players on the sideline, and the overhang will not disrupt your siteline.

Midfield Club Seats

If you're headed to a Chiefs game without any budget restrictions, the absolute best place to sit is in the club level sections near midfield. These seats can only be found on the visitor site of the field (sections 201-203 and 245-246), which makes them among the most exclusive seats in the stadium.

What makes these seats so good? The elevation. When you sit in these sections, you don't have to turn your head side-to-side to see each endzone. Instead, you get a comfortable view of the action without the neck pain. These sections also hang slightly over the 100 level, which makes them closer to the field than you might expect.

Upper Deck Seats at Midfield

If your budget does not match up with seats on the lower level or club level, there are two primary considerations on the 300 level.

First, check for seats in rows 2-11 of sections 301-303, 322-326 and 345-346. Each of these sections is located close to midfield and offers you a view from just above the club level. By selecting seats in rows 2-11 you are avoiding the railing in front of row 1, and avoiding the crowd that spills out of the tunnel behind row 11. Instead, you'll enter the tunnel and have a short walk down the steps to your seats.

For an afternoon game, sections 322-326 are favored over those on the other side of the field because the sun does not shine in your eyes as much.

Inexpensive Alternative to Midfield Seats

A less expensive alternative on the 300 level is seating in sections 311-314 and 334-337. Instead of a midfield view, you'll have a video-game-like view from above the endzone. Some fans enjoy this perspective because they can more easily see plays develop. At Arrowhead Stadium, these seats also have the advantage of having a head-on view of the videoboards that are perched above the stadium. This helps you catch replays and keep an eye on stats and scores from around the league. Within these sections, we like the first 4 rows where you'll be below the entry tunnel and be slightly closer to the field.


Recommended Ticket Locations

Sections 201, 202, 203 and more

Only midfield seating available on 200 level

Excellent elevated sitelines afford great views from end-to-end

Less than 10 rows per section makes it easier to get to and from the concourse

Rows 22-35 in Sections 101, 102, 103 and more

Best views from the lower level

Elevation allows you to easily see over the players on the sideline

Close to the section entrance without being tucked away under the overhang

Rows 2-11 in Sections 301, 302, 303 and more

Elevated view from near midfield - similar to your perspective on TV

Located below the entrance tunnel in row 11, which means less fans blocking your view

Sit above row 1 to easily see over the railing located at the front of the section is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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