Sleep Train Arena

Sleep Train Arena Mezzanine Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Many arenas around the NBA feature a dedicated second seating tier for Club level seating, or even have multiple levels of suites separating the lower and upper tiers. However with just one small ring of suites between the lower and upper (Mezzanine) level, these seats feel much closer than most other upper seating levels around the league.

Add in the near center court views from the Mezzanine Sideline sections, and you're left with a very good seating option at a fraction of the price (compared to the lower level). Unlike the lower tier however, entry tunnels are available at both the front and back, allowing good access for fans both at the back and at the front of the section.

Premium Box seating occupies the very front portion of the Mezzanine level, so seating here begins just a few rows up from the front at Row B, and ends with Row T at the back. Some of the best seats on the Mezzanine Level are found near the front of Sections 202 and 203, which are right at mid court and have a head on view of the team benches.  -

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Good view but hard to hear spokespersons. "

    (Section 204) - -

    High and above action. Slamson nor Sac Dancers visit that high. Sound Clarity could be improved.

  • "Good view... easy to get to off the elevator, on the northeast side."

    (Section 216) - -

    The rows and stairs are steep... I guess they have to be so the row in front of you gives you a clear view and your not looking at the top of someone's head. Good view of the entire floor, just a little too far if your eyesight isn't 20-20.