Sleep Train Arena

Sleep Train Arena Lower Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Lower level sideline seats are home to some of the best views for a basketball game, and also some of the most uncomfortable.

Starting with the good, Sections 102-103 and 114-115 provide good and equitable views of both baskets, keeping you in touch with the game at all times. Moving on to the bad, Sections 101, 104, 113, and 116 are located right at the baseline but have you facing directly across the arena rather than towards midcourt. This results in a big, uncomfortable head turn to follow the action throughout the game.

Sections here are also some of the largest in the arena with up to 30 rows in each. Seating begins with triple lettered rows closest to the court, followed by double lettered rows, then ending with single letters. Entry tunnels to the main concourse are at the back of the section, leaving the longest walks for fans closest to the court.

Premium courtside seating is available at the very front of Sections 101-104 (Rows KR1-KR3) and Sections 114-115 (Row KP1) where fans will not only have some of the most exciting views around, but will also enjoy comfortable seating and in-seat food and beverage service.

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