Angel Stadium

"Shallow seating and poor angles"

Seat Review From Section 344, Row D, Seat 5
Sep 2014


I was really expecting more out of these club level seats, and overall I was disappointed with the experience. The club level is incredibly shallow, with very little elevation between rows. So while the railing at the very front is the biggest issue for the fans in the front row, it also is an issue when sitting four rows back in Row D, as I couldn't see much down the right field line (the foul line begins to disappear halfway between first base and the right field foul pole).
The seating angle was another big issue here as I was facing directly at left center field instead of being angled toward the infield. Thankfully there was no one to my left so I could turn and sit with my legs in front of the seat to my left (which was still not the most comfortable option in the world, but was better than sitting naturally in the seat and turning my head to the left at a near 45 degree angle). Padded seats were nice but the in-seat wait service menu was nothing special, and I opted to wait until after the game to get some dinner.

Best for... impressing a guest

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, you consider yourself "Big and Tall"

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    This is a club you don't want to be in

    Aug 2014

    Section 344, Row D, Seat 5

    These were the worst club seats among the dozen or so that I've sat in throughout MLB. It's inexcusable and embarrassing that I can't see the whole field from these seats. Closer to the infield the club seats are great (and completely empty), but when you head down the line, you're out of luck. Angle to the field is also brutal. Good thing there were open seats and my friend could sit a couple seats over. That allowed me to turn my body towards homeplate and put my legs in front of the seat to my left. Good luck doing that during a more crowded game. The seats come with wait service and the wait staff was attentive and the service was quick. The seats are padded and you have a good view of the fireworks. But those are about the only positives. The Club "Level" is a joke. I know you have in-seat service, but you have to walk all the way to homeplate for the concession stand if you want to do it yourself. Stay away!

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      Really nice to have in-seat wait service, but didn't like that I felt obligated to leave a tip. Crowd was great. This section is near the away team side, because that is who we were rooting for, and we were surrounded by other fans of our team. Made it more enjoyable! It was very easy to access the...

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