Amway Center

Orlando Magic Terrace Level Baseline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

You will find a different feel in the Terrace Level Baseline sections depending on which basket you are seated behind. At the south end, Sections 101-102 and 118 are some of the largest in the arena with up to 35 rows in each. Lettered rows A-D are closest to the court, followed by numbered rows behind. Section entryways are at the top of each section, leaving a significant walk for fans in the front rows.

At the opposite basket, Sections 109-111 are much smaller with no more than 26 rows in each. Lettered rows are again at the front, with numbered rows behind and entry tunnels above the very last row. Views from Section 110 (as well as 101 at the opposite end) are some of the most frustrating you'll find due to the positioning directly behind the basket.

Specialty concessions are more plentiful behind the south basket (Sections 102 and 118), but the north end leaves you with fewer rows to climb and keeps you closer to the Magic bench. We recommend weighing out your priorities before deciding which end of the arena is best for you.  -

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    • "I found my seats (section 101) to be absolutely spectacular."


      I could see the players and their respective emotions clearly.

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