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Terrace Level Side Seating at American Airlines Center Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

If you are looking for an affordable option which isn\'t terribly far from the action for and end stage performance, Terrace Level Side sections 308-309 and 328-327 are among the top options. The safest among these are sections 309 and 327 for a traditional stage configuration as you will avoid potential side angle views that can be found in the higher rows of sections 308 and 328.

If you are able to find tickets in rows A-E in sections 308 and 328, these seats will be an excellent upper level seating option for an end stage performance. However, if you are searching in rows G and higher (please note that there is no seating for row F), you will want to be aware of which seat numbers you choose and opt for seats 13 and higher in section 308 or seats 7 and lower in section 328.

Whenever possible, we recommend avoiding seats in sections 307 and 329 for an end stage performance, as these will generally leave you with an extreme side angle view. But if you find yourself left with limited other options, stick to rows A-E and opt for seats 21 and higher in section 307, or seats 4 and lower in section 329.  -

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    • "Carrie Underwood - Sep 24, 2019"

      (Section 311) - -

      These seats were great! They were front row so standing wasn't a "must do". Merchandise, refreshments and Bathrooms were easily accessible. GREAT concert and I didn't mind being on the third level at all since the view was unobstructed! The ONLY thing I'd mention about the seats is that, for a c...

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