American Airlines Center

American Airlines Center Platinum Club Side


Sitting Here for a Concert

The best of the club level seating is found in sections 208-209 and 218-219 for a traditional end stage performance. These seats will keep you close to the stage without having an extreme side angle view, and with the smaller seating on the club level (just 8 lettered rows in each) it will be very easy to move between the seats and the concourse.

Club sections 207 and 220 can get you even closer to the performers during an end stage show, however you can be left with a difficult side view depending on your seat numbers. In section 207 you will want to be in the higher numbered seats (13 is best), while the lowest numbered seats are the best option in section 220.

Being on the club level provides a quieter, more comfortable atmosphere due to the fewer number of seats on the seating tier, and the upscale concourse. While these sections are not as close as it gets (i.e. Plaza Level or Floor), seats here will still have a good viewing height which does not feel terribly far up in the American Airlines Center.  -

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  • "No screen for seeing the action"

    (Section 220 ) - -

    There was not a screen for us to see action - only faced the cheap seats behind the stage. is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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